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Mąchocice k/Kielc, 21-23 października


The PHPCon PL 2011 is organised by Polish Linux Users Group (PLUG).

Basic contacts

  • php-orgphpcon.pl - organisers' office,
  • phpconphpcon.pl - open mailing list for everyone.

Who exactly?

  • Dariusz 'DarGrze' Grzesista (dareklinux.rybnik.pl) – main coordinator, also known as Padre Direttore ;)
  • Mateusz 'matipl' Kamiński,
  • Łukasz 'Luxus' Porębski,
  • Filip 'Filon' Kłębczyk,
  • Adrian Słowik,
  • Przemysław 'eRIZ' Pawliczuk,
  • Tomasz 'Bla' Fortuna.


  • Krzysztof 'x-oph' Belczyński — photographer, the author of the landscape picture in the website heading

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