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Ossa, November 13-15


Treat an e-mail address as your login name. E-mail address and nick must be unique.
Last year registered users don't need a register again, their logins are saved and still effective.

Why do I need an account?

Good question. To tell the truth, you don't need a separate account to be the PHPCon's ettendee, because one registered user can come up with an unlimited number of other people. However, creating separate account is free of charge, takes a few seconds and is needed if you:

  1. are adult and want to be a teenager's tutor, or
  2. want to arrange a room-sharing with other registered user, or
  3. want to arrange common journey with other registered user, or
  4. need to pay for yourself separately, or
  5. prefer to organisers contact to you directly, rather than the person which enroled you.

Attendees enroled through other users have no such possibilites.
Account in our webpage doesn't mean an attendance enrollment. To full happiness you will need to fill up an Attendee card.


Please register if you want to use the full functionality of our service. This is not an enrollment for the conference yet.

If you have an account, just sign in.

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