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Visit 2017 edition in Poland!

Rich history of 7 editions of the conference.
46 sessions and workshops in 3 parallel paths.
957 attendees of the 2016 edition.
Sessions both in English and Polish, and… strong emphasis on integration ;)

See, how was in 2016!

PHPCon Poland 2016

It's largest congress of the PHP community in Central & Eastern Europe. A great opportunity to establish new contacts and exchange of experience.
It is a weekend full of talks, workshops, delicious Polish meals, neverending after-parties and discussions till dawn, in a really huge hotel, able to accommodate and feed over thousand attendees in a time. Be tempted! Learn more…


thanks for your visit!

November 23th, 2016

We would like to thank all of you, which decided to grace us with your presence!
Nowadays, we are working on the next edition of our meeting under brand new formula and name: PHP Central Europe conference. Of course, we remember about 2016 edition and process talk recordings. The plan is to publicate it partially just at the turn of the year. And nowadays we proudly announce the official aftermovie from 2016 edition. Have a nice watching!


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Stay tuned!

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